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Club Membership can be used at both of our locations

$42.99 per month (Reg. $20 per wash)

Works Wash plus Hot Wax & Shine and Lava Shield
$35.99 per month (Reg. $16 per wash)

Super Wash plus Tire Shine and Rain X
$21.99 per month (Reg. $11 per wash)

Basic Wash plus Wheel Brightener & Blaster, Clear Coat
Protectant, Underbody Wash, Spot Free Rinse, Towel Dry,
Free Self Serve Vacuums

Here is how the Unlimited Monthly Car Wash Club Works

Becoming a Monmouth Junction Car Wash Unlimited monthly Member makes it easy to always have a clean car with NO HASSLES!
There are NO LIMITS! Wash your vehicle once a day, once a week, or twice a week. Whatever you prefer. Wash as often as you want, up to once per day, for one low price per month. There are NO WORRIES! Signing up for the wash club is simple. Simply sign up and choose an unlimited car wash plan that suits your needs. Your credit card is automatically billed each month for one low price. Once you become a member, simply pull up to one of the pay stations and the RFID tag on your vehicle gets you thru the car wash fast and easy. Never worry about unexpected messes or a dirty car again. Come as often as you want whenever you want.
The Unlimited Wash Plan has proven to be the BEST VALUE for our customers!

-Drive up to one of our automated paystations and press the button "Join Wash Club".
-Choose and purchase your wash club plan and follow the onscreen instructions when prompted.
-Show your receipt to the attendant when you drive up to the car wash tunnel entrance and the attendant will hand you a quick application to fill out.
-We place a small white RFID tag on the windshield behind your rear view mirror (1/2"high x 3"wide). The Tag is good for only one vehicle.
-The next time you wash your vehicle pull up to any one of the automated paystations, watch the screen, and wait for the gate to open and wash your vehicle. Its as simple as that!

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